Dog Stabbed in Animal Cruelty Case

A dog brought into a local veterinary medical center earlier this month with stab wounds is “eating, drinking, and happy," according to a nurse at the facility.

Kelly Fusco, a veterinary nurse at the West Chester Veterinary Medical Center says that the Chihuahua mix was rushed into the center by a family who said they found the pouch whimpering inside of a garage.

The dog, who has been given the name “Hope” by the veterinary staff, is doing well after receiving emergency surgery to repair lacerations to her leg.

Fusco says that the dog may have been injured by someone on drugs, although that has not been confirmed.

The case, which is treated as an animal cruelty investigation, is being handled jointly by the Delaware County SPCA and City of Chester police.

Hope is doing well. The West Chester Veterinary Medical Center is working with a rescue group to help get the medical costs covered and to find Hope a forever family.

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