A Decade After Abuse, Teen Graduates an Honor Student

Terrell Parrish and his two brothers were rescued from a foster home after nearly starving to death

Terrell Parrish weighed 28 pounds when he was rescued from a foster home 10 years ago.

Now weighing a healthy 150 pounds, the teen graduated from Vineland High School tonight as an honors student.

Parrish and his three brothers were taken out of the custody of foster parents Raymond and Vanessa Jackson in October of 2003, when a neighbor called 911 after seeing his older brother rummaging through trash cans looking for food.

The boys were adopted by James and Amber Parrish seven years ago. Doctors told them they would suffer developmental delays due to the malnourishment.

"So many people told me my baby wasn't gonna make it this far and he walked that grass not just as a graduate of 2013, he walked that grass as an honor student," said Amber Parrish, mother.

Parrish ran track and was on the school's wrestling team. He tells NBC10 he plans to study architecture at Cumberland County College.

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