Pennsylvania Car Wash’s Sunflower Field Blooms Into Main Attraction

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Please Wash Me Carwash
In Elverson, Pennsylvania, Rick Frey and his wife Joey built a car wash in 2003, and in 2010, the couple planted a one acre sunflower field after the Frey's "summertime business tanked" due to farmers next door.
Melissa Ryan
The field brought in some more customers but, "more importantly, it made a lot of people very, very happy." Here is Eddie sniffing the flowers that Frey says last up to two and a half weeks.
Jennifer Flanigan
Frey says about 50 to 60 thousand people have come just to see the free sunflower attraction. They come from "Long Island, New Jersey, New York, Western Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland."
Please Wash Me Carwash
The sunflowers last for two and a half weeks and are in their prime from about the last week of July or the first week of August.
Maria Delphia
Emily and Ben are surrounded by the blooming sunflowers.
Carissa Gonzalez-Thomas
Frey says the field is a popular place for different types of events. There are birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, dog walks, photoshoots and proposals. Just yesterday, Frey said, a man in a "dinosaur costume" came and was "cruising the field."
Amber Plank
EMPTY_CAPTION"We've probably had anything from 20-100 photographers," Frey says. There are days when the field is booked all day. He is convinced, "this year will be the year of the sunflower Christmas card."
Grace Hayden
Graham was excited to have his own sunflower.
Please Wash Me Carwash
He says sunset is the most popular time of day for people to come, "no question."
Kate Giovince Photography
EMPTY_CAPTION"For the 15 minutes that they're there for the flowers, that's all they're thinking about. The world is so crazy right now, and it has been, and it's nice to find a place for 15 minutes... and not think about anything bad for a few minutes," Frey says.
Lisa Lozinak
Frey says his wife Joey "posts (on Facebook) from the time that they're planting, and she posts the progression of them as they grow."
Erin Smith
(L-R) Shayna Smith and Hannah Smith went to the field to walk their dog Ajax (not pictured).
Please Wash Me Carwash Facebook
These sunflowers turned and followed the sun.
Megam Schuster
Megan Schuster's two sons Mason and Jackson have big smiles in this joyful plot of land.
Jennifer Flanagan
EMPTY_CAPTION"I didn't expect the affect it had on people," Frey says.
Liza Lozinak
Because the sunflowers are only around for just over two weeks, according to the Please Wash Me Carwash Facebook page, about 3,000 people visit the sunflower patch each night.
Jen Schray
He encourages the public to hang around and enjoy the filed. "Don't just come to take a picture and get back in your care and leave."
Liza Lozinak
Visitors can come and do almost anything while visiting the flowers, but, to preserve the beauty for as long as possible, visitors cannot cut them.
Kicak Family of Devon
A little girl from the Kicak family in the midst of the field.
Kicak Family
Another Kicak family member happy to be in the sunflower field that's even taller than he is!
Baby Blair visited and stood in the middle of many sunflowers.
Lisa Lozinak
Although there are many bees, Frey says that none of the bees in the field sting.
Please Wash Me Car Wash
A sunflower that is not quite ready.
Kate Giovince Photography
Frey says "the number one word (is) 'wow.'"
Please Wash Me Carwash
When the flowers begin to die out, gold finches come and eat the seeds.
Kate Loehlein
David is here in the midst of sunflowers on a sunny day.
Amber Plank
Frey hopes all of his visitors are "really having a good time."
Aakanksha Shah
When you go, don't forget to take a family photo!
Please Wash Me Carwash
Here is a shot of the whole property. The field can be seen to the left and the car wash can be seen on the right.
Please Wash Me Carwash, Michael Richter Photography
Frey says that so many people have thanked him. "These people look at me, shake my hand, some people hug me... it's been very, very rewarding."
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