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Wrong Number Saves Elderly Woman's Life



    Wrong Number Saves Elderly Woman's Life
    A computer forensics expert says it's easy to recover deleted text messages, photos, videos and more from discarded phones, making their former users vulnerable to thieves.

    Authorities say a Massachusetts rug store worker misdialed when he tried to call a New Jersey wholesale company this week and instead reached an elderly woman who told him she was having a heart attack.

    But after several anxious minutes of trying to locate and help her, it turned out the woman was safe.
    The Record reports that the Massachusetts man thought he was calling a Saddle Brook business but instead reached an 82-year-old Rochelle Park woman who has dementia. The woman felt nauseous and dizzy and mistook the symptoms for a heart attack.
    The man was then able to reach the wholesale company and gave workers there the number he had called. They soon reached the woman and, after learning where she lived, contacted Rochelle Park authorities.

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