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Get Your Daily Dose of Cardio at the Airport



    Get Your Daily Dose of Cardio at the Airport
    Travelers riding the exercise bikes while waiting for their flights.

    Looking to kill time while waiting for your flight? Instead of lounging around, travelers can now opt for a free workout.

    Philadelphia National Airport is one of the first in the nation to combine air travel with exercise by providing its travelers with free exercise bikes. The airport has partnered with Rich Hebert of Smooth Fitness and Health to give travelers the option of working out before and between flights.

    The goal is to help people get active. The fitness equipment is a part of the airport's summer-long customer appreciation program. It has been so popular that 20 more bikes are being added.

    Workout Before You Fly

    [NATL-PHI] Workout Before You Fly
    Philadelphia International Airport is among the first in the country to offer free exercise equipment for flyers. NBC10's Katy Zachry reports from South Philadelphia.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 19, 2016)

    "It’d be nice to have one of these hanging out at every gate-get a good stretch in” said traveler Cindi Baird.

    The bikes are set up in the concourse between B and C terminals.

    There is also a pop-up gym that moves throughout the airport day by day.

    If the exercise bikes continue to be a success, the airport may make it a year-round addition.