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Some Workers Who Cleaned Up Linc Before Eagles Game Never Got Paid



    Some workers who helped clean out the snow at Lincoln Financial Field before an Eagles playoff game say they still haven't been paid after a month. NBC10's George Spencer has their story. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014)

    It was a bonding experience and a chance to make good money for Gabriel Boerner and his father Stephen back on January 3. The two were among the hundreds of workers who shoveled out snow at Lincoln Financial Field on the eve of a wildcard playoff game between the Eagles and Saints.

    “It was cool,” Gabriel said. “They were playing the next day, so it was cool to be able to shovel it before they played in the playoffs.”

    About a month later however, fond memories of the hard day’s work turned into frustration. The father and son as well as other workers claimed they never received the money they were owed.

    “It’s just so wrong on so many levels,” said Stephen Boerner.

    The Boerners told NBC10 on Wednesday they were both owed more than $400 for their work at the Linc. Randy Quintal, another worker, also said he never received the $160 that he was owed.

    The Philadelphia Eagles confirmed that it paid the contractor in charge of the cleanup, American Winter Services. American Winter Services in turn confirmed that they paid its subcontractor, M&M. But that’s where the payment stopped, according to the Boerners.

    Stephen Boerner showed NBC10 eight text messages and a dozen phone calls sent throughout the month to his contact at M&M. NBC10 also called the number and heard the following message, “The mobile number you have called is no longer in service.”

    After it was brought to their attention, officials with American Winter Services promised they’d pay the Boerners as well as any other workers who still haven’t received their money.

    Around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the owner of M&M contacted NBC10, claiming the unpaid workers were mistakenly left off a payment list and had been contacting the wrong person. The owner promised he would send the workers their check.