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Woman's Car Burned in Bristol Train Station Fire



    Woman's Car Burned in Bristol Train Station Fire
    July 17, 2014: The jeep where investigators say the fire started.

    Rachel Stanton, 22, was shocked when she returned to the Bristol train station from work Thursday night and saw that her car was not where she'd left it.

    "My sister and I got off the train and walked to the parking spot and the car was gone," she said.

    "It was quite shocking to see all of this broken glass, and charred pieces of metal and rubber, but no car. It looked like something blew up in that spot."

    Police and fire officials in Bristol Township, Bucks County, Pa. say several cars were on fire at a SEPTA regional rail station Thursday morning. The car fires reportedly started in a Jeep parked on the northbound side of the station and spread to other vehicles.

    Stanton's maroon '95 Toyota Tercel was one of four cars damaged in the fire.

    The recent Temple grad had the car for seven years and used it for her clothing business, Fruitstrology.

    "It's just a complete shame. I ran my business out of that car. I'd planned on keeping it for years."

    Stanton says she had to call 911 to find out that her car had been towed away because no one contacted her to let her know what had happened.

    Fire officials say they're investigating the cause.

    In the meantime, Stanton says she's adjusting to commuting without a car.

    "I'm going to start searching on Monday for a new car. I'll probably have to get my mom to take me to the train," she said. "Getting around is probably not going to be easy for a while."

    SEPTA's Trenton regional rail train line operates through this station.

    Stanton says she and her parents will be going to the lot to retrieve whatever's left of her belongings.