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Adoption Family Stranded in Philly

A North Carolina woman embarking on a trip to adopt a Ukrainian orphan says she was stranded in Philly after her passport was either stolen or misplaced.



    Adoption Family Stranded in Philly

    Update: Reagan tells NBC10 she received a new passport. Details here.

    What began as an exciting trip to help a Ukrainian teenage girl soon became a nightmare for a North Carolina woman. Reagan Mountain tells NBC10 she is now stuck in Philadelphia after her passport was stolen.

    Mountain and her family embarked on a flight from Raleigh, North Carolina to the Ukraine in order to adopt a 15-year-old orphan they met last summer at a faith-based camp. Somewhere between the flight from Raleigh to Philly however, Reagan says her wallet was either stolen or misplaced. The wallet contains her passport as well as the passports of her three children. Without those passports, they can't leave the country.

    While Reagan is stuck in Philly, her husband, Tom Mountain, an ex-marine and Iraqi War Veteran, was able to continue on to the Ukraine. Both Reagan and her husband must be present however for the Ukrainian government to approve the adoption. Reagan tells NBC10 she needs to somehow get to the Ukraine by Wednesday for a crucial appointment with the Ukrainian government.

    “My husband made a very quick decision with my mom to jump on the plane and try to go beg for mercy from the Ukrainian government to give us a little bit more time,” said Reagan. “But our agency is telling us that there’s almost no chance that they’ll even see him on Wednesday without me present. And I can’t get there.”

    Reagan, who is currently staying at a hotel near the airport, tells NBC10 she’s scheduled to meet with the passport office tomorrow morning to get a new passport issued. She then plans to get on the next available flight to the Ukraine. We’ll keep you updated on this story as soon as we get the latest information.