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Woman Fights Town Over Pet Pig



    Woman Fights Town Over Pet Pig
    Kevin Mingora/The Morning Call

    A small pig has become a big issue for the West Catasauqua neighborhood in Whitehall Township.

    Holly Hacker of West Catasauqua is the owner of Porkus Maximus, a 2-year-old Vietnamese pink and black spotted pot-bellied pig. That may soon change however because of Whitehall’s zoning policy.

    A zoning officer sent a letter to Hacker stating that Porkus was not allowed in the neighborhood because he was “livestock,” according to the Morning Call. Hacker was also cited for having a livestock farm.

    Hacker immediately fought the charge however, claiming Porkus was not livestock since he isn’t being used for sale and profit.

    Residents are currently signing a petition to save Porkus. A daycare center near Hacker’s home joined the cause as well, hosting a mini-rally in which the children wore plastic pig noses and held up signs in support of the pig.  

    The Morning Call reports that Hacker will have a meeting with Whitehall’s Zoning Hearing Board on Tuesday at 7 p.m. where they’ll discuss how livestock is defined. If the Board determines livestock includes any and all pigs, Porkus might be forced to leave.

    Regardless of the board’s decision, Hacker isn’t giving up the pig without a fight. She told the Morning Call she will appeal as long as she needs to in order to prevent Porkus from being taken away.

    You can view the Morning Call's gallery of Porkus Maximus here.