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Woman Fights Off Intruders With Bat



    A northeast Philadelphia woman used her son's bat to keep intruders out of her home after one of them punched her in the face. (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    A Northeast Philadelphia woman's quick-thinking helped her fight off men looking to rob her home.

    Police say 54-year-old Diane Davies answered the door of her home on the 1000-block of Granite Street when two men dressed as utility workers attempted to force their way inside.

    The suspects punched Davies in the face, and it was then that she remembered a bat that her son kept near the front door and started swinging.

    "I hit him..." said Davies. "Maybe on the neck, shoulder."

    The men, according to Davies, took off.

    Following the incident, the victim was taken to Aria-Frankford where she was treated for a concussion and some bruising.

    Police are now searching for the suspect who were wearing white jumpsuits and boots at the time of the attack.