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Officer's Bullet Killed Neighbor in Standoff

The shot that killed an 89-year-old Bucks County woman during a recent standoff came from a police officer's gun



    Warminster Man Charged With Neighbor's Death

    The who prosecutors say opened fire on police in Warminster Township last month is being charged for the death of his neighbor, even though the fatal bullet came from the gun of an officer. NBC10's Daralene Jones reports (Published Thursday, March 7, 2013)

    The shot that killed an innocent bystander during a standoff in Bucks County last month came from an police officer's gun. But the man accused of starting the chain of events that led to police opening fire will be charged with her murder.

    The ballistics test results were revealed today by investigators.

    89-year-old Marie Zienkewicz was killed on February 19 during a shootout between Warminster police and her neighbor, Andrew G. Cairns.

    Cairns and the victim both lived at the Jefferson on the Creek apartments.

    Police came out to the complex after they received reports that Cairns was going to kill himself. Cairns fired at the officers and they fired back.

    "I was very, very scared when I saw this mirror, completely cracked," another neighbor, Doreen Gorman said when the standoff happened.

    Zeinkewicz was also scared and she called her daughter to tell her that something was going on.

    The two hung up and when Zeinkewicz's daughter called back later to check on her mom, there was no answer. Her mother had been shot in the chest as she was looking out her door, according to prosecutors.

    Cairns, 49, surrendered to police. He is charged with homicide, attempted homicide, assaulting a police officer, eight counts of aggravated assault, nine counts of recklessly endangering another person and related offenses.