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White Supremacist Mass-Mailed 'Creepy' Flyers to 3 Montgomery County Towns

Some of the flyers were postmarked, and some were not as residents believe the white supremacist may have hand-delivered some of the mailings.



    Many in three small Montgomery County boroughs are disgusted by white supremacist flyers that showed up in their mailboxes.

    (Published Friday, Oct. 13, 2017)

    One was labeled "Eagles Fan" because the homeowner had an team banner on the front lawn.

    Another was marked "Crazy Cat Lady" because the resident had a sign saying as such outside her house.

    Yet another had "Proud American" for the flag waving out front of the house.

    There was a personal touch on some of the estimated 5,000 flyers mailed to residents of three entire boroughs in the far northwest corner of Montgomery County this week.

    "It's kind of creepy," said one resident in an interview with NBC10. "Obviously, someone took a lot of time and spent a lot of money."

    The flyers, which depicted seemingly home-drawn racist, anti-Semitic and pro-white messages, ended up in the mailboxes of Red Hill, Pennsburg and East Greenville. The adjacent boroughs along Route 29 and near the borders with Berks and Lehigh counties have a combined population of roughly 9,200 residents.

    A Red Hill resident who received one of the the flyers said it appeared that the person responsible may have hand-delivered some. In the resident's neighborhood, mailings were stamped, but not postmarked, she said.

    In East Greenville, interim police Chief Andrew Skelton noted that despite the offensive nature of the flyers, no crime was committed.

    "Hate crime requires two things: hateful motivation coupled with a crime, like assault," Skelton said. "This was a hateful message, but we're lacking a secondary criminal element."

    He said it's the first such mass mailing during his several months as interim chief in East Greenville, but the retired state police trooper said he heard that similar flyers were mailed to residents in nearby Upper Hanover in the last several weeks.

    Messages sent to emails associated with a website link on the flyers were not returned.

    CORRECTION (Oct. 11, 5:42 p.m.): Speculation that some of the flyers in Red Hill Borough were hand-delivered and not mailed was incorrectly attributed to East Greenville Borough Police Chief Andrew Skelton. The story has been updated to attribute that statement to a Red Hill resident.