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Wandering Crocodile Caught in NJ

The 3-foot-long crocodile was found Tuesday on the streets of Ocean Gate



    A 3-foot-long crocodile was found roaming the streets of the Jersey Shore community of Ocean Gate. The croc was captured and the Animal Control Office let NBC10's Ted Greenberg get a look at it. (Published Wednesday, July 18, 2012)

    Residents in the Jersey Shore community of Ocean Gate were in for quite a sight early Tuesday morning. A 3-foot crocodile was spotted roaming along a neighborhood street.

    The reptile was seen just feet away from Brian Clark’s house on Longport Avenue.

    “This is unbelievable that a crocodile is walking around here,” said Clark.

    A police officer and neighbor managed to corral the croc using a large trash can. The reptile was taken to the Animal Control Office in Berkeley Township. Officers believe it came from someone’s house even though it’s illegal to have one as a pet in New Jersey.

    “There isn’t too much you can really do,” said Animal Control supervisor John Bober, when asked how they planned to find the owner. “Nobody is going to come forth and say this was my animal.”

    Experts say crocodiles can grow to be well over 10-feet long. Animal Control Officers in Berkeley don’t plan on being anywhere near the reptile when that happens however. They hope to send it to a new home tomorrow.

    “We’re hoping we can relocate it to a nice place,” said Bober. “A zoo maybe will take it.”