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Victim, Neighbor Plead for Arrest in Attempted Rape



    The man on this surveillance video is wanted by Philadelphia Police in connection with an attempted rape in Mayfair. (Published Friday, May 23, 2014)

    Piercing screams were all that it took for one woman in Mayfair to jump to action Saturday night, stopping a rape that was happening right outside her home.

    "I see this guy has this girl by her throat and her pants are coming down," says the witness, who asked to remain anonymous. "I scream, 'Get the F off of her!'"

    And just like that, the attacker let go of his victim and lunged at the woman.

    Neighbor Rescues Woman Being Attacked in Mayfair

    [PHI] Neighbor Rescues Woman Being Attacked in Mayfair
    A Mayfair woman tells NBC10 she has her neighbor to thank for rescuing her from being raped. Philadelphia Police released new surveillance video Friday, showing the victim being followed by a man, who then grabs her. NBC10's Lu Ann Cahn spoke exclusively with the victim Friday night, who says her neighbor saved her life.
    (Published Friday, May 23, 2014)

    A surveillance video caught the violent attack on camera.

    It shows the victim walking close to her Mayfair home and a man following her down the alley behind Wellington Street.

    The woman says the man grabbed her neck while holding a metal weapon to it and told her not to scream or he'd kill her. Then he began pulling down her pants.

    "...He proceeded to pull down my pants and he pulled down his pants and at that moment, my neighbor came out and she stopped him," the victim, who also asked not to be identified, told NBC10.

    Spooked by the neighbor's intrusion, the suspect took off leaving the two woman, who had never met before, terrified, but thankful.

    "I was thinking, God, please help me," said the victim. "And he sent me an angel."

    Police believe this suspect is the same man who raped another woman, just three blocks away, on Disston Street last month.

    They're hoping that someone will recognize the man on the surveillance video and come forward with his idenity. He's described as 6 ft. tall with a goatee.

    "They've got to get him off the street. They've got to make sure we're safe.

    If you have any information on either crime, please call Philadelphia Police.