Pennsylvania Prosecutor to Address 'Racist' Video of Black Student Eating Chicken

Map showing Saucon Valley Senior High School, where a teenager used racist slurs while recording a 16-year-old black boy eating chicken wings, later sparking a fight, school officials said. Google Maps

A prosecutor has called a news conference to update reporters on his investigation of a white student's allegedly racist video of a black classmate eating chicken.

The black 16-year-old depicted in the video was charged in juvenile court with assault after allegedly retaliating against the white 14-year-old at a Saucon Valley High School football game in October.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli planned a news conference Tuesday afternoon. He's said he may file charges against the white student who posted the video online. The 14-year-old recorded the black student eating chicken wings and used a slur and made references to "being broke and on welfare" in narrating the video.

The black teen's attorney, Gary Asteak, says authorities acted insensitively to the racial aspects of the incident in charging his client.

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