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Husband Screamed to Wife: "Run, Honey, run!"

Couple attacked in their bed by an intruder with a hammer and chisel.



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    Wife tells family of horror she endured when a man with a hammer attacked her in her bed, killing her husband.

    "Run! Run, honey, run!” Those may have been the last words a husband spoke to his wife before he was murdered. 

    The Upper Darby couple was attacked in their bed Monday night by an intruder who beat them with a hammer and chisel. 

    The victims were then tied up with an electrical cord.

    A relative who spoke with the 58 year old wife, said,  “All she heard him say was, ‘Run!  Run, honey, run!’ every chance he got!”

    Upper Darby Couple Brutally Attacked

    [PHI] Upper Darby Couple Brutally Attacked
    An intruder terrorized a Delaware County couple inside their home. The woman is beaten and raped. Her husband is murdered in an attack that lasted more than an hour.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008)

    The woman told relatives she scrambled to get to the phone during the attack.  “She picked up to dial a few numbers. She doesn’t remember if she dialed 9-1-1 or not but he just grabbed her and hit her.” 

    Detectives say the ordeal went on for more than an hour.

    The woman escaped through the back door when her attacker went out to the front of the house.

    Her 62-year old husband did not survive.

    Investigators say they don’t have many leads in the case.