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University Offers Morning-After Pill in Vending Machine

This ain't no PEZ dispenser.



    University Offers Morning-After Pill in Vending Machine
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    Emergency contraception Plan B can be used to prevent pregnancy up to three days after having unprotected sex.

    College vending machines have long been the supplier for late-night munchies after a wild night out, but now a local university’s vending machine is selling something else that may be related to a wild night out: The morning after pill.

    Students at Shippensburg University now can obtain the emergency contraceptive Plan B from a health center vending machine, reports

    The vending machine inside Shippensburg University's Etter Health Center provides Plan B for $25 a pop, along with condoms, decongestants, and pregnancy tests.

    Plan B is available without a prescription to anyone 17 or older.

    Vice President for Student Affairs Roger Serr told that the machine was installed after a survey found 85 percent of students who responded to the questionnaire supported it.

    “That was a way that we could allow convenience for students, also it allowed privacy for students," Serr told the website.

    Not every student is thrilled about the new vending venture, though. Some say that it promotes unsafe sex. Junior Cassandra Towsley called the easy access “just ridiculous,” reports

    "I don't think it should be sold on campus," Cory Amenta, a Freshman at Shippensburg, told the website. "I do know it's sold in Rite-Aid, and Walmart and CVS, but I don't think it should be on campus, because it's just promoting unsafe sex."

    But Serr says that those who disagree with the vending machine contents should at least be reassured by the fact that their tuition does not go toward it. The cost of the drug isn't covered or subsidized by the school.

    “I think the issue is there's no fee money in this, and so that if I'm a student who's paying a health fee, and if I'm morally opposed to Plan B, my money is not really involved in this, and that's real key," Serr told

    Shippensburg is a school of about 8,300 students about 125 miles west of Philadelphia.