Dozens Hurt as 2 Trolleys Crash in West Philadelphia - NBC 10 Philadelphia

Dozens Hurt as 2 Trolleys Crash in West Philadelphia

Officials say 46 people suffered minor injuries in the crash.



    Two SEPTA trolleys collided and injured dozens of people in West Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon. NBC10’s Rosemary Connors has the details. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017)

    Two trolleys crashed on Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia on Wednesday, leaving 46 people with minor injuries, officials on the scene said.

    "It's like a bomb set off," one passenger told NBC10. "It just like really hit us so hard that it just like knocked everybody on the floor and everything."

    Both Route 10 trolleys were heading west in the Powelton Village section about 1 p.m. near 38th Street when one of the trolleys rear-ended another.

    "All of a sudden the trolley just rammed in from the back man," said Jarrod McCain, one of the passengers. "It must've been going 40 miles an hour man. It shook everybody up. Terrible way to start the New Year."

    SEPTA said none of the injuries were life-threatening. A fire department battalion chief on the scene said four of the 46 passengers and operators who were injured were taken to a nearby hospital.

    "Luckily I wasn't hurt too badly," said Kathleen Kelley, another passenger. "I just want to get my knee checked out. But there was a girl in the front that was sitting right behind the driver. Her face hit the thing in front of her."

    It remains unclear why the trolleys were running so close to each other. The vehicles usually run on a schedule about 10 minutes apart, according to a SEPTA spokeswoman.

    SEPTA's Route 10 was diverted around the accident scene but remains in service.