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Trenton Kicks Off ‘National Night Out’ Celebrations

City plans two-night neighborhood anti-crime events, funding questions raised



    Trenton Kicks Off ‘National Night Out’ Celebrations
    Trenton, NJ is hosting a two-night National Night Out celebration as questions swirl about a federal investigation involving Mayor Tony Mack.

    Trenton, NJ is set to host two nights of National Night Out events while questions remain unanswered about a federal investigation involving Mayor Tony Mack, the mayor's financial troubles and city operations and funding.

    Trenton kicks off the annual National Night Out celebration Monday at City Hall.

    The mayor's office issued a news release touting the annual event as the culmination of year-long crime prevention programs in Trenton neighborhoods. Dozens of city blocks are listed on the official release for block parties Tuesday evening, which is the official observance of the 29th Annual National Night Out.

    The Trentonian reported that recent questions about funding for the City Hall event and the block parties went mostly unanswered. Some Trenton City Council members said they didn’t recall approving any funding. The report also indicated that past donations from local businesses may not have materialized this year.

    FBI Raids Trenton Mayor's House

    [PHI] FBI Raids Trenton Mayor's House
    The FBI will only confirm that they were at the home of Mayor Tony Mack and that the investigation is ongoing.
    (Published Wednesday, July 18, 2012)

    The block parties are being sponsored by the city’s Parks and Recreations Department, which is also embroiled in controversy over its leadership and a firestorm last week when lifeguards at city pools were on the brink of a work stoppage because they hadn’t been paid. Paychecks were handed out on Friday.

    Mayor Tony Mack was expected to lead the City Hall celebration Monday. Last month Mack’s home, other properties and office were searched by FBI agents conducting an investigation. Since Mack took office the city has been hit with accusations of cronyism and mismanagement.

    Last week, the power was shut off at the Mayor’s Berkeley Ave. home for reportedly not paying gas and electric bills. The power was restored after a payment was made.

    Trenton Lifeguards Unpaid for 2 Months

    [PHI] Trenton Lifeguards Unpaid for 2 Months
    Trenton was nearly forced to close all city pools, after two dozen lifeguards threatened to walk off the job. They hadn't been paid for two months. NBC10's Jesse Gary is live in Trenton looking for some answers.
    (Published Friday, Aug. 3, 2012)