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Trenton Breaks Homicide Record



    Trenton Mayor Asks Gov. Christie for More Police

    Trenton Mayor Tony Mack sent a letter to Governor Christie requesting millions of dollars to pay for more police. City council are showing little faith in the Trenton mayor since being indicted on corruption charges. NBC10's Na'eem Douglas reports. (Published Monday, Aug. 5, 2013)

    Trenton has broken its record for most homicides in a year.

    Authorities say 26-year-old city resident Brandon Nance was shot and killed Thursday afternoon as he tried to run away from two men who were chasing him. He became the 32nd person killed in Trenton this year, breaking the record set in 2005.

    No arrests have been made in the shooting. Authorities have not said why the men were chasing after Nance, and bystanders said they were firing at him with handguns as they ran.

    Witnesses reported hearing at least five shots before Nance collapsed outside a landmark city bakery. He was taken to the hospital, where he died a short time later.

    The union says the layoff of more than 100 officers due to budget cuts and the failure of Trenton's mayor to step aside while under federal indictment are more to blame for the surge in violence.

    Two weeks ago, two Trenton officers were injured while responding to a domestic violence call.

    That shooting came just three days after Mack announced that violent crime is on the rise in NJ's capital city.

    Mack was indicted in December 2012 on federal corruption charges, accused of agreeing to a $119,000 bribery scheme. His stewardship has been plagued with scandal, with accusations that he abused the city payroll and staffed the city with his friends -- some of whom had to resign after their criminal records were exposed. Mack has rebuffed calls for him to leave office and is scheduled to go to trial next summer.