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2 Firefighters Injured by Falling Tree

The firefighters were hurt while trying to remove storm debris from a street in Chester



    2 Firefighters Injured by Falling Tree
    NBC10 Philadelphia
    Two firefighters were injured while cleaning up storm debris in Chester, Pa.

    Two firefighters were injured Tuesday night when a tree fell down on the 1000 block of Kerlin Street in Chester, Delaware County, Pa.

    "The clouds got dark, the wind picked up and that's when we heard the crack," said Brian Wells, Chester, Pa.

    Wells told NBC10 he watched his next-door neighbor's tree split in half due to strong winds. The tree fell into Wells' house and injured two firefighters on the ground who were working to remove debris from the street.

    "As I was trying to run away, you could literally feel the heat on the back," said Wells.

    The tree knocked down the chimney of the home and fell into power lines that caused electrical explosions.

    One of those firefighters was rushed to Crozer Chester Medical Center with serious injuries. The second firefighter was treated on the scene and taken to the hospital for observation.

    No one else was hurt.