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Tires Slashed in Mayfair, Again!

It's the latest incident of vandalism to hit the same neighborhood in recent months



    More Tires Slashed in Mayfair

    Neighbors in Mayfair woke up to find their tires slashed - again. Now police hope a $7500 reward will put an end to the costly string of vandalism. Ten cars on Aldine and Teesdale Streets were hit Monday night. Residents spent Tuesday night on their front porches. NBC10's Cydney Long reports that some worry that neighbors might take matters into their own hands because of how frustrated they are. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012)

    It's happened, again!

    Residents in the Mayfair section of the city once again dealt with slashed tires Tuesday morning.

    The slashings were the latest round of car vandalism that has residents along the 4000 blocks of Aldine and Teesdale Streets frustrated and angry.

    The most recent vandalism happened sometime before midnight Monday. This time the alleged vandals hit ten cars. A total of 55 cars have been vandalized in the neighborhood in the past three months.

    Tire Slasher Strikes Mayfair Again

    [PHI] Tire Slasher Strikes Mayfair Again
    Residents of Mayfair woke up to more slashed tires on Tuesday morning. These slashings occurred along the 4000 blocks of Aldine and Teesdale Streets. A total of 55 vehicles have been vandalized in the neighborhood in the past three months. NBC10's Harry Hairston talks to angry neighborhood residents about the vandalism.
    (Published Tuesday, March 13, 2012)

    "I'm tired of it, I'm afraid someone's going to get killed by the time this is over," said resident Karen Woldsmit.

    Woldsmit says that a fellow neighbor saw two men allegedly slashing tires but the duo was able to get away.

    Residents beefed up the town watch last month while police vowed to step up patrols again after the most recent vandalism.

    More Tires Slashed in Mayfair

    [PHI] More Tires Slashed in Mayfair
    The latest round of car vandalism once again has a Mayfair neighborhood on edge. NBC10's Byron Scott reports on the tire slashings.
    (Published Tuesday, March 13, 2012)

    But there is only so much they can do. Now residents are fed up.

    "Times are hard," said Lucille Cottle. "Who has money to keep going out and buying a tire?"

    "I hope the cops get them before the neighbors find out who it is because something bad is going to happen," said David Toledo. "My wife said 'somebody is watching us watching the cops.' Because when they're here nothing happens."

    Residents Fed Up With Vandalism

    [PHI] Residents Fed Up With Vandalism
    Residents of Mayfair are fed up with the repeated vandalism of their cars.
    (Published Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012)

    "I really didn't believe they'd be able to do it without us catching them but they did it again last night," said Captain Jack McGinnis of the Philadelphia Police. "It's pretty embarrassing to me personally."

    The city and the Fraternal Order of Police are offering a combined $7500 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest.

    "I can't repeat it enough, this is for the arrest," said John McNesby of the FOP. "You bring them in today, you're paid today. Somebody out there knows who these clowns are."

    Car Tires Slashed Again

    [PHI] Car Tires Slashed Again
    Residents in Mayfair are frustrated after yet another round of costly vehicle vandalism.
    (Published Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012)

    Residents suspect the person or people responsible are more than familiar with the neighborhood.

    "It's somebody that's on this block, absolutely," said Toledo.

    Some neighbors plan to put up surveillance cameras. Investigators say all the cuts on the tires are thin, indicating the vandalism may have come from the same knife of one person. If you have any information on the vandalism, please call police.