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"This Is a Big F-ing Deal": Biden to Obama

Biden adds a little something extra to the healthcare bill-signing ceremony



    "This Is a Big F-ing Deal": Biden to Obama
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    Barack Obama and Joe Biden sure know how to celebrate the signing of a bill. The health care bill, that is. Nothing about, um, marriage or anything.

    When the president of the United States signs a bill into law moving America toward fully socialized healthcare for the first time in history, it's a big deal.

    Vice President Joe Biden thinks it's "a big f---ing deal."

    Just after introducing President Obama for the bill-signing ceremony seen 'round the world Tuesday, Delaware's favorite son turned to Obama, shook his hand and told him loudly, "This is a big f---ing deal."

    Obama dismissed Biden with a few pats on the shoulder before showing an expression of extreme annoyance. Perhaps the president does not like statements of the obvious.