'This Chair Doesn't Define Me': Comic with Rare Disability to Take on 'Rocky' Steps - NBC 10 Philadelphia

'This Chair Doesn't Define Me': Comic with Rare Disability to Take on 'Rocky' Steps

Comedian Faces Down Disability, Climbs Art Museum Steps

Steve Krause suffers from a disability that makes him unable to move his joints, confining him to a wheelchair. After being challenged by another comedian, Krause scaled the Art Museum steps on Sunday to raise awareness for his illness. (Published Sunday, July 10, 2016)

A comedian with a rare disability took to the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps Sunday morning to complete an inspiring challenge.

Steve Krause scaled the famous "Rocky" steps at the museum, after another comedian challenged him to climb to the top of the steps. He was born with a rare disability that keeps his arm and leg joints stuck in one position.

Krause is confined to a wheelchair, but tries to lighten his situation by not shying away from it and instead joking about it during his comedy routines.

"When I leave my chair at the bottom of those stairs and I look down on it, I know I've accomplished it, and I know I can do anything, because this chair does not define me," Krause told NBC10. "I define me. My heart and my mind and who I am defines me."

Comic with Rare Disability to Scale 'Rocky' Steps

[PHI] Comedian Facing Rare Disability Takes to Art Museum Steps
Steve Krause, a comedian who has a rare disability that keeps him wheelchair-bound, will take to the Art Museum steps today for the ultimate challenge. Krause plans to climb all of the steps without his wheelchair.
(Published Sunday, July 10, 2016)

There are 72 steps leading up to the Art Museum.