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Thieves Leave Behind Butcher Knives During Break-Ins



    Burglars left behind a bizarre display of knives in at least two homes. (Published Thursday, July 10, 2014)

    Main Line residents are on edge following a string of attempted and successful break-ins in Haverford Township in the last two days.

    Police say that on Tuesday morning, thieves tried to make their way into multiple homes in the same Main Line neighborhood three of those attempts on the 600 block of Lakeside Avenue. At one of the homes, the attempt was so loud it woke up someone sleeping inside.

    After four failed attempts, the thieves gave up.

    But on Wednesday, someone was at it again. Three homes, two on Bryn Mawr Ave. and another on Wynnewood Road -- less than a mile away -- were ransacked and robbed.

    And while an intruder being in your home is scary enough, what was left behind is even more frightening.

    "Knives, which are normally in a butcher block were all pulled out," said one victim who wants to remain anonymous. "Big knives. And they were sitting in places that I would've never left them."

    In both cases, the thieves made off with money and valuables.

    In all seven cases, the suspects tried to get into the homes through windows.

    Now, Haverford Police are trying to determine if all the cases are related and residents, who have have always felt safe in their Main Line neighborhood are taking care to look all their doors and windows.

    "We're locking our doors," said neighbor Kathie Datko. "We have to change the way we live."