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The Curious Case of VP-Elect Biden

Vice President-elect, wife denied movie-going experience



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    Joe and Jill Biden's hopes of a Saturday night at the movies were dashed after they arrived to find the movie had sold out.

    There was no love for Joe and Jill Biden when they took a little trip to the movies Saturday night.

    The Bidens came to the Regal Brandywine Cinemas on Concord Pike in Wilmington, Del. to see Brad Pitt in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” but were denied, according to Delaware Online Tuesday.

    Was it because the box office worker is a disgruntled Republican hoping to get back at the Vice President-elect by denying him and Jill of Brad’s dreamy eyes?

    No, no. The movie was simply sold out! They reportedly mulled over other options, but called it a night after nothing else sparked their interest.

    The Biden camp would not confirm that Joe and Jill were actually out for a night at the movies, but theater workers said they were with, what appeared to be, Secret Service agents.

    Theater associate manager Inshirah Muhamut said she was excited, but that the Bidens were laid back and easy to deal with.

    “I was a little excited -- I'm not gonna lie! The Secret Service guy told me to calm down," Muhamut told Delaware Online.

    Don’t worry Joe, D.C. is just a few weeks away and hopefully Barack will let you catch the flick in the White House movie theater.