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Chalk Doodles Get Teens in Trouble

Two teens are cited after police spot chalk drawings in a Doylestown parking lot



    Chalk Doodles Get Teens in Trouble
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    Police in Bucks County say two teens have been cited for doodling on the street with chalk.

    The Doylestown Intelligencer reports Friday that 18-year-old Connor Logan and a 17-year-old friend drew a whale and sea turtles in a local parking lot.

    Doylestown police Chief James Donnelly says although chalk washes off, the drawings are ``an attempt at vandalism.''

    He also says the doodles might link the teens to chalk graffiti on buildings and businesses in town.

    Logan tells the newspaper that he found the chalk in the parking lot Tuesday night while waiting for friends. He says he's never done graffiti and thought his drawings were ``harmless.''

    The teens face summary citations, which come with a fine to be determined by a district judge.