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Teen Mob Goes on Crime Spree in Northeast Philly

Almost two-dozen teens charged with assault and robbery



    Teen Mob Goes on Crime Spree in Northeast Philly
    The teens left a party at the Jamz Skating Rink around 11:30 p.m. Saturday night, police said.

    20 teens sat in jail overnight Sunday after being arrested for assaulting and robbing a homeowner in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia.

    As fistfights broke out in the middle of the road, a pack of teens gathered on Bill Allen's lawn along the 6700 block of Roosevelt Boulevard.

    "I thought I was in a movie out there in the middle of the night," Allen told NBC10's Byron Scott Sunday.

    One teen banged on his door, while the others began throwing rocks and branches, according to Allen.

    "They were coming to the door, I was pushing my door shut. They were trying to get into the house," said Allen.

    They weren't able to make it inside, but they allegedly assaulted Allen, police said.

    Officers caught up with the group a few blocks away and brought them into custody.

    Police believe the group tried to catch a bus from the Jamz Skating Rink along the 7100 block of Roosevelt Boulevard around 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

    However, the bus was full so the group was forced to walk. They headed south along the boulevard, but then things went awry.

    Authorities have yet to figure out what prompted the teens to commit the crimes, but the parents of some of the teens believe their kids were unfairly arrested – having simply been in the area at the time.

    "Every parent knows their child, you hope only to raise your child properly," Khadijah Polk said.

    The police investigation is ongoing.