TSA Officers Stop Woman With Gun at Philadelphia International Airport Checkpoint, Officials Say

A photo of the woman's gun, officials say. TSA

TSA officers stopped a woman who had a gun in her possession at Philadelphia International Airport Saturday, according to investigators.

The unidentified woman from West Chester, Pennsylvania, was stopped at a checkpoint at the airport. Officials say they found an unloaded .38 caliber handgun in her carry-on bag. The woman told TSA she forgot she had her gun with her, investigators said.

TSA officers called Philadelphia police who responded and confiscated the gun. The woman was detained for questioning and then cited for weapons violations.

Officials say it was the 23rd gun caught by TSA officers at Philly International Airport so far this calendar year. A total of 37 guns were caught at the airport’s checkpoints in 2017.

Travelers, including those with concealed carry permits, are not allowed to bring guns past TSA checkpoints. Those who bring firearms to the checkpoint are subject to possible criminal charges.

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