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Suspect Tells Dog to Attack Cops



    Suspect Tells Dog to Attack Cops

    A police officer is recovering from a dog bite after a suspect ordered his pit bull to attack.

    Two Camden County policemen approached two men, 19-year-old Thomas Wright and 19-year-old Tajay Wilson, involved in a drug sale on the corner of Filmore and Viola streets around 7 p.m. Thursday,  according to reports.

    Officials say when Officers Brandon Galloza and Michael Ross ordered the Camden men to stop, the suspects ran into a home on the 1800 block of Filmore Street.

    Police say the officers then chased the suspects into the house, where 21-year-old Quazeem Jackson of Camden tried to physically prevent Ross from arresting Wright, who repeatedly commanded a pit bull to attack by pointing at the policemen and yelling: "Sic 'em."

    The dog charged Galloza and bit him on the right leg, according to authorities.

    Additional officers were called for assistance and all three men were arrested. Animal control was called to quarantine the dog.

    Galloza was treated for his injury.  Wright and Wilson face several charges including drug possession and resisting arrest, while Jackson was charged with obstruction of justice.