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Student Raped After Hailing Cab in Manayunk

A St. Joseph’s University student got into what she believes to be a taxicab and was raped by a man inside, police say



    St. Joe's Students on Alert After Assault

    Saint Joseph's University was reminding students on Friday to remain on alert following a terrifying attack. A 19 year old students said she was sexually assaulted after stepping into a taxi on Main Street in Manayunk. The student was later dropped off near campus. NBC10's Cydney Long had the developing details of the story first reported on NBC10. (Published Friday, Sept. 23, 2011)

    A night of partying with friends turned into a nightmare for a 19-year-old student from St. Joseph’s University.

    The young woman got into what she thought was a taxicab on the 4100 block of Main Street over the weekend. A passenger was already inside the vehicle and at the first opportunity got out of the front seat and raped the student, police say.

    The driver of the vehicle and the suspect then dropped the student off partially clothed on Sherwood and Lancaster Avenue in Overbrook, not far from St. Joe’s campus, police say.

    Police cannot yet say if the vehicle was a legitimate taxicab or if it was a car made to look like a cab.

    Students on High Alert After Taxi Rape

    [PHI] Students on High Alert After Taxi Rape
    A St. Joe's student hailed what she thought was a cab in Manayunk and was allegedly raped.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 23, 2011)

    A campus alert was sent out to students to be aware and watch out for any suspicious vehicles.

    “You always take cabs because you don’t want to drink and drive,” student Jason Boettger told NBC Philadelphia. “You hate to hear something so terrible’s happening when you are trying to be a responsible adult.”