Store Owner Pulls Out Sword, Scares Off Would-be Robbers Armed With Machete

When would-be robbers armed with a sword storm a Pittsburgh convenience store, the cashier pulls a sword of his own. (Published Monday, Aug. 17, 2015)

A store owner in Pittsburgh turned the tables on two masked teens on a mission to rob the store Friday night.

According WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh, the masked men ran into Perry Market as the owner was closing and tried to rob the store.

A store clerk in Pittsburgh chased a machete-weilding would-be robber out of the store after pulling out a sword of his own. (Published Monday, Aug. 17, 2015)

One of the men pulled out a foot-long machete and demanded money, but the store owner pulled out his own, bigger sword and chased the duo out of the store.

The whole encounter was captured on surveillance video.

Police told WPXI that the would-be robbers didn't get away with anything, and that one even dropped T-shirts he was trying to steal as he ran out the door.

No arrests had been made Monday afternoon.