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Son, Granddaughter Among 4 Charged in Alleged Abuse That Led to Elderly Man's Death

A paramedic said his condition was unlike anything she'd seen in 28 years.



    4 Members of Bucks Co. Family Charged With Deadly Neglect

    Four family members have been charged in the deathly neglect of their 84-year-old grandfather. The district attorney says they failed to care for him and stole his money.

    (Published Wednesday, March 28, 2018)

    The paramedic who found Albert Weaver Sr. on a hallway floor of his Quakertown home described the 86-year-old man as looking "looking like a skeleton with skin hanging on him."

    Weaver was unresponsive that day in November 2016, in a house the paramedic said had the distinct "smell of infection" and was in deplorable condition, according to a criminal complaint by local police, with clothing and garbage strewn on the floor.

    When he was brought to the hospital in severely weakened condition, the complaint said, he uttered the words, "Help me."

    An infected cold sore at the base of his spine was so deep, doctors told police, that once cleaned out, bone was exposed.

    Twelve days later, Weaver died. And now, his son, his granddaughter and their partners are charged with neglect so serious that it contributed to his death, according to the complaint released by the Bucks County District Attorney's office.

    The four lived on the same property, in two houses, as Weaver. His granddaughter, Amanda Weaver, and her boyfriend, Anthony Dorney, lived with the man, allegedly with the belief they would inherit the house, police said.

    They have been charged along with Weaver's son, Albert Jr. and his wife, Virginia, who lived in the other house along Union Road near Richlandtown.

    They are charged with neglect of care for a dependent person and reckless endangerment. Amanda Weaver and Anthony Dorney also face theft charges.

    The criminal complaint also alleged that at times, Weaver Sr.'s bank accounts were accessed improperly by some of the defendants. The elderly man suffered from dementia, police said.

    Albert Weaver Jr., Amanda Weaver and Anthony Dorney are being held on $500,000 bail, and Virginia Weaver is being held on $750,000 bail.