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Bryn Mawr Day Trader Beats Poker Legend

Dan Shak beats Phil Ivey head-to-head



    Bryn Mawr Day Trader Beats Poker Legend
    Aussie Millions
    Even a stare down from poker legend Phil Ivey couldn't stop Dan Shak.

    Montgomery County poker player took on the best in the world and came out on top.

    Dan Shak from Bryn Mawr, Pa. went Down Under to shock poker legend Phil Ivey to win the Aussie Millions $100K Challenge. His prize -- a $1.2 million purse.

    Shak worked his way through a field of 24 players who each forked over 100 grand to enter one of the world’s most expensive Texas Hold-em poker tournaments in Melbourne.

    “This is something I’ve been working towards for such a long time and I may not show the excitement, but inside I’m extremely excited. I’m not going to jump up and down, but inside I probably already am,” Shak told moments after capturing the title.

    Shak, who works a day job as a day-trader, defeated Ivey in come-from-behind fashion as Ivey was all in with the best hand but lost when Shak hit a seven on the flop while holding Ace-7 to Ivey’s Ace-10.

    Dan Shak might not be a very recognizable name in poker circles yet, but Beth Shak, Dan's ex-wife, is fixture on the professional circuit. 

    Beth Shak tweeted that her ex's recent win doesn't change anything as far as she's concerned.  “Congrats 2 Dan..not enough money in the world to change my marital status,” Beth joked on her Twitter feed.

    Dan's game is much improved since the divorce because he now has more time to concentrate solely on poker, he said.