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Scrooges Steal Christmas Deliveries From Doorsteps

Thieves turn themselves in to police



    Scrooges Steal Christmas Deliveries From Doorsteps

    Editor's Note: The woman who was arrested in this story was found NOT guilty on all counts after revealing to a judge that she was in fact a neighbor who'd asked FedEx to drop her packages at the Aruffo home, but did not inform her neighbor of her plan.

    On the same day that a Grinch stole Christmas decorations from a home in South Philadelphia, two scrooges made off with FedEx packages from doorsteps in the same area.

    "I was very upset because there was Christmas gifts inside," said resident Mike Aruffo.

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    Aruffo says that he began to worry when his package didn't arrive on time. So he hopped on his computer and logged on FedEx to track the package. The tracking site said that his package had been delivered the day before and that's when Aruffo knew something wasn't right.

    Surveillance video captured a woman and man pull up outside Aruffo's house on the 2900-block of 17th Street in a white SUV, then get out and steal the packages.

    "We went and looked at our surveillance camera and we noticed that about 20 minutes after they were delivered by FedEx, two individuals got out of their car in front of the house and walked up the steps and stole my packages and my neighbor's packages," said Aruffo.

    Police reviewed the surveillance video and arrested a woman Friday afternoon. The man, who police have yet to identify, turned himself into police Friday night.

    All the packages were recovered and will be returned to their rightful owners.

    "Shame on them for taking Christmas away from children," said Kathy Aruffo.

    FedEx tells NBC10 that there are security measures that can be taken to avoid having your goods stolen.

    They offer a free program called Delivery Manager that sends alerts to let you know when your package is on its way to your house so that it won't be sitting unattended outside.

    They also advise sending the package to an alternate destination such as your work or a family member's house.

    Other security measures include a required signature, a vacation hold or leaving delivery instructions as to where you want your packages left.