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Sandusky Team Subpoenas Reporter Who Broke Story

So what does that mean?



    Sandusky Team Subpoenas Reporter Who Broke Story
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    Jerry Sandusky's legal team subpoenaed Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Sara Ganim this morning in court. Ganim, 24, won the Pulitzer for breaking the story which ultimately led to the Sandusky investigation and now his child sex abuse trial.

    Ganim tweeted "Just served subpoena by #Sandusky defense in court, however they tell me it was "precautionary" and I don't have to leave court.

    We asked one of Philly's top trial lawyers, Bob Mongeluzzi, to weigh in on two things: why Sandusky's team would subpoena Ganim and the speculation that Jerry Sandusky himself may take the stand.

    Why would Sandusky's team subpoena Ganim?

    First of all, Mongeluzzi said there is no such thing as a "precautionary" subpoena.

    "It sounds to me like what happens a lot of times, which is, they may serve 40 people but only call 12 to the stand. I don't know what they would want her to say unless they want her to testify that someone told her something different than what that same witness said in court," Mongeluzzi said.

    Is there a good reason to put Jerry Sandusky on the stand?

    "The only reason I can see is if it's a last-ditch attempt and that you know you're going to lose and you just don't have anything left to lose." Mongeluzzi, who has a reputation as one of the most successful personal injury lawyers in the country, and who recently settled the Duck Boat accident, said he wouldn't put Sandusky on the stand.

    "Sandusky would get slaughtered on the stand."