SEPTA Regional Rail Train Slams Into SUV Stuck on Tracks - NBC 10 Philadelphia

SEPTA Regional Rail Train Slams Into SUV Stuck on Tracks



    The crash happened just after 5:30 p.m. in Bensalem, Pa. (Published Friday, April 25, 2014)

    Investigators continue to search for the people who left an SUV on the train tracks, leading to a collision with a SEPTA train.

    The collision between the outbound four-car West Trenton train and the red SUV happened at 5:35 p.m. on Friday near the Neshaminy Falls station along Bristol Road and Grove Avenue in Bensalem, Pa., SEPTA officials said.

    Train passengers tell they saw a group of teens driving the SUV along the tracks when it got stuck. The teens jumped out just in time.

    "The truck was driving on the tracks and got stuck right before it got hit," said passenger Johnny D. "They jumped out right before and ran. We were going pretty fast and slammed the brakes."

    SEPTA spokesman Manny Smith says the train was traveling about 25 mph at the time of the impact, which happened in a remote area between stations.

    Smith said the transit authority has been combating on-going issues with ATV riders crossing the tracks in the area where the collision occurred.

    None of the 70 passengers on-board the train were hurt, Smith said. The passengers were transferred to shuttle buses to finish their journey.

    A SEPTA Police detective also received reports that five teens were seen running from the scene and that they are investigating.

    Service on the West Trenton regional rail line, which is using one track for outbound and inbound service, is operating on a 20 minute delay as the investigation continues.

    A view of the crashed SUV from SkyForce10.

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