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SEPTA Bus Driver Returns Passenger's Wallet



    SEPTA Bus Driver Returns Passenger's Wallet
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    It was “all in a days” work for a SEPTA bus driver who returned a bus passenger’s wallet.

    When SEPTA rider Anthony Holloway got home after his commute, he realized he had misplaced his wallet. He rode on the Route 124 bus from the King of Prussia Mall to the Gulf Mills train station yesterday afternoon carrying $340, a driver’s license and social security card in his wallet.

    He earned the money working for his family’s landscaping business, In Full Bloom Landscaping. When he got home from work, he was unable to locate his wallet. His mother Rolondo Chung was hopeful it would turn up. 

    “Mom, let it go. The wallet’s gone,” Holloway said to his mother. This morning, she called SEPTA to see if it was found.

    Chung was more worried about her son's license and social security card and less concerned about the money. There was the possiblity that his driver's license and social security card would end up in the wrong hands. She said a prayer to Saint Anthony. She described it as "a disaster waiting to happen.”

    After describing what the wallet looked like to SEPTA, Chung was told it was found. Mother and son went to pick up the wallet on Wednesday. In a gesture of gratitude, Chung came prepared and brought a $200 spa gift card to thank the person who turned it in.

    When they arrived, they were shocked to see all the items were still in the wallet, including the $340.

    It was the SEPTA bus driver who turned the wallet in. He relayed he was happy the wallet was reunited with its owner, but has chosen to remain anonymous.

    “Everybody is not bad. There are some wonderful people in this world who pay it forward,” said Chung. “I don’t think he realizes just how he’s impacted the lives of others. It is just amazing.”