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Robbers Target Elderly Woman Visiting Grave: Cops



    Robbers Target Elderly Woman Visiting Grave: Cops
    Cheltenham Township Police

    Police arrested two Philadelphia women for allegedly stealing form an elderly woman while she was visiting a grave at a Cheltenham Township cemetery.

    The incident happened back on Sunday, June 12. An 86-year-old woman was visiting the grave at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Police say that sometime between 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., Lauren Daniels, 25 and Candace Thomas, 30 entered the woman’s unlocked vehicle.

    The two women allegedly stole the woman’s Discover card and used it at several gas stations as well as three stores at the Cheltenham Mall, charging $700 in all.

    Both women were arrested on Monday at a home in the Olney section of Philadelphia.

    Daniels was arraigned on $5,000 cash bail while Thomas was arraigned on $15,000 cash bail.

    Police say that similar thefts occurred in Cheltenham during the summer of 2010 in which the credit cards of people were stolen from their cars while they were visiting a grave. It’s unconfirmed whether or not Daniels and Thomas are connected to those incidents as well.


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