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SugarHouse Attacks Concern Casino Neighbors



    SugarHouse Casino Neighbors Concerned with Crime

    In the wake of another violent incident, neighbors of the SugarHouse Casino voice their concerns. (Published Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010)

    In the wake of the latest violent incident near the SugarHouse Casino, residents who live near say that they haven’t felt safe since the establishment came to town.

    Two crimes targeting SugarHouse Casino patrons have occurred within weeks of each other.

    On Friday around 12:45 a.m., two masked men allegedly robbed three women of cash and credit cards and pistol-whipped one of them.

    Another incident occurred last month when two men followed a casino winner to his South Jersey home and tried to rob him.

    A community group, Casino-Free Philadelphia, planned to patrol the casino before Friday’s robbery and now feel that their plans are more urgent.

    “As a father of two children and a husband, I’m certainly nervous for my family,” said Jethro Heiko, a member of the group. “After the incidents that have happened, I’m even more concerned about the patrons who seem to be the real targets.”

    Anthony DiLacqua, the head of SugarHouse Security, claims that the casino is doing everything it can to provide safety, using 500 surveillance cameras and constant patrols.

    “If there’s a better way to keep this place safe, we’re always open to making those changes,” said DiLacqua.

    The suspects involved in the latest incident were last seen in a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville with license plate number HGG 2937, according to investigators.

    Police also say that the getaway car was reported carjacked in Darby Township hours before the victims were robbed.