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Newsman-Slay Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Hired via Internet for "rough sex"



    Newsman-Slay Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
    Sixteen-year-old John Katehis, in the custody of detectives, was charged as an adult for allegedly stabbing local newsman George Weber to death over the weekend.

    A teenager arrested in the stabbing death of a former WABC newsman George Weber has pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree murder and weapon possession.

    John Katehis, of Forest Hills, was arrested after admitting to police that he answered a Craigslist ad placed by Weber looking for rough sex, police said. Katehis allegedly stabbed the radio man during a "violent, drug-fueled assault," according to the The New York Daily News. Katehis is being held without bail; he was arraigned Wednesday night in Brooklyn.

    Investigators said Katehis' clothing was so bloody after the weekend attack that he put on some of Weber's clean clothes when he left the victim's apartment.

    NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said Wednesday that Weber was stabbed dozens of times.

    "Weber was stabbed approximately 50 times to the neck, the front and the back of his upper torso and both arms," Kelly said. "He also had defensive knife wounds to his hands."

    Katehis allegedly admitted to the slaying, police sources said.  He was charged as an adult on Wednesday with second-degree murder.

    "He saw the victim's ad looking for violent sex and said, 'I can smother somebody for $60,' but it got out of hand," a source told The Daily News.

    "I think (Katehis) is sick in the mind," a neighbor told WNBC. "He should never come out of jail."

    Police found the suspect after searching Weber's computer and cell-phone record for leads.

    The teen was arrested late Tuesday night in Middletown, N.Y., after he "made statements implicating himself in the homicide," said police spokesman Paul Browne, who added that Weber's feet had been bound with duct tape.

    Katehis was treated for cuts on the night Weber was killed, police told the Associated Press. A transit worker saw the teen bleeding on Friday night and police took him to a hospital. He was released after saying he had cut himself on a bottle.

    On his MySpace page, the troubled teen posted pictures of himself with various blades - including one he held against his neck. He also wrote:

    "If you disrespect me then I will f-----g break your neck," he wrote.

    On his site, Katehis called himself "Extremist, an Anarchist, a Sadomasochist" and said he enjoys "long conversations, drinking, bike riding, hanging out."

    Katehis drank vodka and did cocaine with Weber before the situation turned violent, police told the New York Post. Katehis told police that he stabbed Weber with a knife that the broadcaster pulled on him.  

    The former WABC radio anchor was discovered Sunday in the bedroom of his 3-story Brownstone apartment in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn.

    Weber’s bosses got worried after he failed to show up for work for two days and called the cops.

    Weber, a Philadelphia native, was a veteran radio newsman who worked at stations including KGO in San Francisco and KTLK and KMPC in Los Angeles before coming to New York.
    "He really loved news radio and enjoyed being on the air and enjoyed the connection he had with his listeners,'' ABC News Radio vice president and general manager Steve Jones said. "He also loved Brooklyn and his neighborhood.''

    Weber worked for WABC for 12 years as the on-air reporter for popular shows like "Curtis and Kuby.'' The station let him go amid programming changes last year, and he had since worked as a freelancer for ABC News Radio, the national network.