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Do Red-Light Cameras Reduce Crashes?



    Do Red-Light Cameras Reduce Crashes?

    A state report shows Delaware's red-light cameras are reducing the frequency of dangerous crashes at 30 intersections, even as they bring in fewer dollars than in past years.

    The News Journal reports the Delaware Department of Transportation's program generated more than 39,000 red-light tickets and about $4 million in fines last year. Fines are $112.50 each. After the program's expenses, it brought in just under $900,000.

    DelDOT says it has seen an average 29 percent decline in red-light-running crashes since the program began. There's been a 47 percent drop in the most severe type of crashes. However, the total number of crashes at intersections remains unchanged due to an increase in rear-end crashes.

    The state has not installed or relocated cameras in recent years due to funding constraints.

    New Jersey officials released a report earlier this month that found fewer crashes at intersections equipped with red-light cameras in New Jersey. But the New Jersey report also said the sample size is too small to draw conclusions.