Teen Claiming to Be Behind 'Terrifying' Red 'It' Balloons Tied to Sewer Grates Says She Wanted to Scare Friends

A girl says she and her friends are behind the red balloons found tied to sewer grates in a small Pennsylvania town, not a homicidal clown.

The 17-year-old tells PennLive.com the girls were trying to scare their friends in Lititz after seeing a trailer for the upcoming movie "It."

A red balloon is the calling card of Pennywise, the sewer-dwelling, child-eating clown in Stephen King's novel-turned-movie.

The girl says the teens were surprised at how much attention the prank got after the local police made a playful post on Facebook, saying they were "completely terrified" to remove the balloons.

She says they will meet with the department for a "funny follow up," but says they are not being punished.

A Maine man accused of threatening his neighbors by dressing up as a clown and duct taping a machete to his amputated arm last month, entered not guilty pleas for criminal threatening and weapons charges on Wednesday.

(Published Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017)