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Radnor Police to Destroy Unwanted Machine Guns

Community applauds decision to destroy the guns, instead of auctioning them off



    Radnor Police to Destroy Unwanted Machine Guns
    NBC10 Philadelphia
    Radnor Township decided to destroy six submachine guns that police obtained after the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre.

    Radnor Township Police had the chance to add up to $7,000 to their budget by selling unwanted equipment.

    William Colarulo, police superintendent, announced his plan to sell six Heckler & Koch Universal Machine Gun Pistols (UMP’s) during a meeting on Monday with Radnor’s Board of Commissioners. The police department obtained the sub-machine guns after the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

    Colarulo said the guns have never been used and he doubted that his officers would ever use them.

    “I guarantee my officers will never fire machine guns in Radnor,” he stated per Main Line Media News.

    The superintendent hoped to hold an auction to sell the firearms. Law-enforcement agencies and gun dealers licensed to sell those weapons would be the only ones allowed into the auction.

    Board members and residents of Radnor were worried about the chance that the guns would ultimately fall into the wrong hands.

    Bill Spingler, board president, felt that the concern for the deadly weapons entering into the streets was too high. Spingler motioned to have the guns destroyed and the motion passed with a five to two vote.

    Members in the audience applauded the Board of Commissioners' final decision.