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Prom Crackdown, Better Be Driving Sober



    Prom Crackdown, Better Be Driving Sober
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    It’s that time High school students worry about finding the perfect dress or prom date but they will also need to think about transportation.

    For some a limo rental is the obvious choice. However those driving themselves to prom or post-prom event as well as adults driving late at night will have to be vigilant on the road.

    Sobriety check points are already creeping up in Abington Township. The Eastern Montgomery County DUI Task Force will be conducting checkpoint operations the weekend of May 2nd.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sobriety checkpoints typically reduce alcohol-related crashes by 9 percent. Roughly 30 people die as a result of alcohol related crashes every day.

    East Montgomery County’s efforts will likely be joined by other law enforcement agencies in the weeks to come.