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Principal Forced to Take Teacher Blogger Back

Students won't be forced to take her class



    Natalie Munroe who was suspended for blogging about her students defends herself against critics. Dozens of parents don't want their kids in her classroom when she returns to CB East High School in the Fall. (Published Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011)

    Controversial teacher and blogger, Natalie Munroe will be back on the job at Central Bucks High School East in August, but students won't be forced to take her class.

    "Her comments were unprofessional, disrespectful and disturbing," said Principal Abram Lucabaugh on Wednesday.

    Munroe blogged about students, parents and co-workers and her posts were controversial because of the remarks she made, like calling some students "disengaged, lazy whiners." One post featured comments she wished she could put on report cards, including "rat-like", "dresses like a streetwalker," and "I hear the trash company is hiring."

    But the principal says other posts that the public didn't see and that the media didn't publish, were much more disparaging, such as:

    Principal Reads Teacher's "Disparaging" Remarks

    [PHI] Principal Gives Students a Pass on Controversial Teacher Blogger
    The principal of Central Bucks East High School says the impact of English teacher Natalie Munroe's controversial blog posts are far-reaching. She will be back on the job this year because of her legal rights, he says, but students will not be forced to take her class.
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011)

    "I hate your kid," "Don't you know how to raise kids," "Your child has no redeeming qualities," "Your child is a lazy a-hole, a sneaky jerk-(blank), an argumentative f-word, utterly loathsome."

    Munroe said her comments have been twisted, were not a testament to all students, didn't affect her day-to-day job and that because of the way the district has handled her case, she may be walking back into a hostile environment.

    "I’m happy to still have the job, but I’m kind of apprehensive to go back into the situation that it sounds like, the environment that it sounds like has been created there," said Munroe.

    Blogging Teacher Apprehensive About Returning

    [PHI] Blogging Teacher Apprehensive About Returning
    Natalie Munroe, the high school English teacher who was escorted out of Central Bucks East after her controversial blog got out, said she is happy to have her job back, but that the district could have handled her return in a more positive way.
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011)

    Lucabaugh said the only reason she's back on the job is because of her legal rights and the district's refusal to spend taxpayer money on a legal battle.

    "Whether or not Mrs. Munroe had the legal right to express her views with such vitriol, is not the heart of this issue. No one here is contending that she can’t say these things legally, and for that reason, she has a legal right to return. What is at the heart of this issue, however, is the large-scale disruption her comments created and the ensuing damage they have caused the young men and women to whom she was eluding."

    Munroe will be back in the classroom in late August, teaching English, but students will not be forced to take her class, Lucabaugh said.

    Hearing that 60 parents have already made that request was disappointing, Munroe said. "I am a good teacher. I was a good teacher, so they're going to miss out on that opportunity." And yes, she will continue blogging.

    Here is the principal's unedited statement: