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Preventing Another Superstorm Gas Crisis



    Preventing Another Superstorm Gas Crisis
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    Nov. 5, 2012: People wait in long gas lines continue at a Valero gas station in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

    Two measures aimed at preventing another fuel crisis like the one that followed Superstorm Sandy have cleared a New Jersey state Senate panel.

    One bill would automatically waive a license requirement for fuel distributors who deliver fuel from out-of-state.

    Gas industry experts who testified Monday at the Transportation Committee hearing said the bill involves just one of many areas that need to be addressed to prevent another fuel crisis.
    The other measure gives gas stations the choice of selling premium fuel at regular prices once the lower-grade fuel runs out.

    The bill's sponsor said he would consider amendments to that bill, such as imposing a time limit on the measure.
    Both bills would take effect only if the governor declares an energy emergency.