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Pothole Outbreak Causing Headaches for Drivers



    The recent temperature roller coaster has created a roller coaster of bumps on streets across the Delaware Valley. NBC10's George Spencer found the number of reported potholes is far ahead of what PennDOT officials expect for this time of year. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014)

    Potholes have always been a nuisance at best and a danger at worst for drivers everywhere. But as temperatures in our area continue to go up and down, the number of reported potholes so far this year is far exceeding the norm, keeping street crews busy and drivers on edge.

    According to PennDOT officials, in Philadelphia alone, the number of reported potholes is 40% higher this time of year than normal with over 500 instances being reported in only two weeks.

    “This is an early outbreak of potholes,” said Gene Blaum of PennDOT. “We’ve had maintenance crews throughout the five county region from PennDOT basically working full-time on potholes.”

    Officials say up and down temperatures as well as precipitation that freezes and then thaws in roadway cracks are causing the recent outbreak. Potholes on several streets, such as Woodhaven Road, Girard Avenue and the City Avenue exit on I-76 are damaging the tires of cars across the area.

    “I’ve hit potholes but I couldn’t even believe it,” said Emily Brennan. “My car started thudding and I almost had a panic attack about this.”

    Officials with the city of Philadelphia told NBC10 their goal is to repair all potholes within 48 hours. PennDOT officials say their rough estimate is about 72 hours. PennDOT has about ten crews working citywide and three to four each in the surrounding five counties. They’re also urging drivers to report any potholes they see.

    If you spot a pothole in Philly, call 311. If you spot one on a road in the surrounding counties, call 1-800-FIX-ROAD.