Kidnap Suspect May Have Buried Missing Baby: Police - NBC 10 Philadelphia

Kidnap Suspect May Have Buried Missing Baby: Police



    Kidnap Suspect May Have Buried Missing Baby: Police
    NBC10 Philadelphia
    On Wednesday, police arrested 31-year-old Ummad Rushdi for allegedly kidnapping his girlfriend's 7-month-old baby, Hamza Ali. According to police, Rushdi told a witness that he shook the crying baby and that the infant went unconscious.

    Police say the man suspected of kidnapping a missing 7-month-old boy may have injured the child a few days before he disappeared.

    Upper Darby Police Chief Michael Chitwood said Wednesday that investigators think 30-year-old Ummad Rushdi must have had second thoughts about how he disposed of the child's body.

    Chitwood says he thinks Rushdi first buried the child near Columbia, then retrieved the remains and reburied him in a white garment.

    Hamza Ali has been missing since Aug. 4, when Rushdi apparently took the child from a home in Upper Darby. Police say Rushdi told his brother he shook the child to death.

    Chitwood says Hamza's mother described a recent incident that may have injured the boy's shoulder or arm.

    Rushdi's lawyer hasn't returned calls seeking comment.

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