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Police Officer Injured in Bucks County Traffic Stop



    Officer Pulls Over Speeding Car Then Knocked to the Ground by Another Vehicle

    A driver slammed into a police cruiser parked along Route 1 North, pushing the vehicle into another car that was being pulled over for speeding. The Falls Township officer that was conducting the traffic stop was knocked to the ground and one other person was injured. (Published Monday, March 30, 2015)

    A Falls Township police officer was injured in an accident during a traffic stop, police said.

    The officer pulled over a Dodge Charger carrying 4 people along Route 1 northbound near Route 13 around 10:45 p.m., according to officials.

    While the officer was standing by the vehicle, a Toyota Camry struck the rear of the officer’s car, which pushed his car into the Dodge Charger.

    He was reportedly able to radio for help.

    The officer and four others were transported to local hospitals for treatment.

    Police said that the officer may have a broken arm, while the Camry remained hospitalized in serious injuries. Police were also awaiting blood results for possible DUI charges.

    Police also said the officer usually travels with a K9 that could have been injured if the dog was in the back of the cop car.